an innovative new propeller for sailing yachts ...

The Kiwiprop™ is a unique cost effective feathering propeller that eliminates gears, aligns the blades with the streamlines not the shaft, minimises corrosion potential from the lightweight composite blades and offers users easy variable pitch adjustment

The Kiwiprop™ is now available as the result of a long and careful development program that was designed to bring new levels of performance and value to the sailor who wishes to retain the known benefits of a fixed three bladed propeller, for motoring and maneuverability, but at the same time minimise drag under all sailing conditions.

Traditionally feathering props have blades geared together, to ensure that they line up with the shaft when feathered. However the shaft rarely lines up with the water flow, thus increasing projected area and thus drag. With a typical inboard engine the shaft will be angled down at 10 to 15 degrees and with the hull sloping up at say 5 to 10 degrees, the shaft may be 15 to 25 degrees off the streamline of the water flow. This can cause auto-rotation and wear with the need for shaft locks. In addition there can be 5 to 10 degrees of leeway on the wind and surging sideways in big waves.

In the Kiwiprop™ the individual blades are always free to "weather vane" in the actual water flow, to a minimum drag position so don't cause autorotation

This modern light weight three bladed feathering propeller has proved much smoother and quieter in operation than equivalent two bladed units and offers the additional benefits of variable pitch, fully lubricated, minimal corrosion potential and the full reverse thrust.

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